My Art is a response to my place and space in a landscape. It is a form of communication, one that I am more versed at than other forms. I have been brought up as a painter. Discussions as a painter have always been through the mediums of paint, drawing and print to name a few. I’m inspired by the relationship with the landscape it therefore always has a presence in my work in some way. I look to the landscape for a means to manage myself. To see the landscape almost as though it’s another person I am then able to pick out elements that pique my curiosity as well as those that are familiar and comforting that ultimately I can work with. There is a wider conversation about my work and how it fits into contemporary thinking. As a nation we have a particular understanding of our landscape and the way artists have depicted it and I truly feel part of that. My work signifies and represents a sense of place. I am part of that place that is in some way represented directly in my work. The paintings offer familiar aspects about a landscape and are able to create a space that is not of a place. Its more to do with the viewer seeing a landscape of their own. My work and the resulting paintings are born from the collecting of elements. This same principle applies to my approach in the studio. Different materials and processes are combined. I come to my work with what I understand already. The purpose of the studio experience is also to strive to find out something new, this often leads to discovery and the testing out of new considerations. To me my work is a journey and the journey is everything.

Wendy Connelly