Collecting fragments

Posted by rawistudios on May 11, 2023 in Uncategorized

As an artist, I collect fragments for various reasons. Firstly, I find that fragments can serve as an excellent source of inspiration. When I come across small objects or scraps of material that catch my eye, I collect them, and they become a starting point for my new artwork. Incorporating these fragments into my work also adds texture and depth to my pieces, creating a sense of history and storytelling that adds to the overall meaning of the artwork.

Moreover, collecting fragments is a sustainable way for me to create art. I can reuse materials that would otherwise be discarded, thereby reducing waste. Additionally, fragments can hold personal significance for me. I collect objects that have sentimental value or remind me of a particular time or place, and by incorporating them into my work, I can add a deeper level of personal connection to my artwork.

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