Mental Health Big Draw

Posted by rawistudios on October 26, 2018 in Arts Award

Intuitive creations

Jackson Pollock would be proud

Rich textures – dreams unfold

Exciting workshop working with the students staff at West Kirby Residential School for the annual Big Draw – this year focus on Mental Health is timely. More often than not the news will be filled with alarming statistics about the rise in numbers of young people suffering with mental health issues. I was delighted to be an invited artist to this thriving and very important school.

We discovered the use of coloured tissue paper to create relief work on a huge scale. The bright colours reminded one teacher of the ‘inner workings of a students brain’. A cacophony of divergent thoughts and mesmerising creations resulted in a gigantic mural of over 10ft long by 4ft wide.

All the students had a wonderful time creating within the boundaries of the materials and the brief. I tried to echo the vision and values of the school

It is a priority to provide a structured, supportive and controlled learning environment for each pupil. By actively encouraging children to develop their inner control and social skills, staff can help them to overcome their own individual behavioural difficulties.

Pupils are able to learn and grow in situations that will help them achieve their maximum potential. Staff are specially trained to assist pupils in developing an awareness both of themselves as individuals and within a group, increasing their respect for others, their self-esteem, emotional stability and acceptability.

Happy children, happy staff and what education should be about.

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