Water Mural

Posted by rawistudios on January 17, 2019 in Uncategorized

The environment is under constant attack from our actions. No bigger an issue is that of plastic in our marine environment. Heartbreaking images of dead or dying sea creatures succumbing to our careless waste are gaining in coverage. The depth of the issue is only now being realised.

During the summer of 2018 RAW-i Studios was approached by an organisation proposing to redevelop a much maligned underpass into the heart of the historic city of Chester. Turning the space into a talisman of environmental awareness was to be the central focus. We have been commissioned to produce a mural along the entire length of one (of three) of the underpasses. The theme being ‘Water’. The images below are work in progress. Wendy has worked alongside a number of local primary schools to develop these ideas. Members of eco-committees were invited for a workshop where they were encouraged to think about and use a range of everyday plastic products to mimic the marine creatures common to the region. The results were inspiring.

Video trawl of the students work. Painting with bags, brushes, and other plastic items.

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